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July 2022



Are you an individual struggling with health issues? Or a provider seeking insights? Don't know where to turn? 

KnoWEwell members have an opportunity to meet our Chief Health Officer and internationally renowned autoimmune expert, Dr. Tom O'Bryan, in a live online group setting. This will not be recorded and you can choose to turn your camera on or off. Dr. Tom will answer your questions LIVE for one hour each week. He will alternate weeks for individual and provider members, starting with individuals on July 21st.

As a special summer benefit, this new Gold and Controller membership benefit will be made available to all membership levels through the end of August.

Thursday, July 21st, 7pm ET

The registration link to join will be pinned at the top of "What's New" in the Hub each week. 

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Dr. Noel Alicea PhD

Dr. Noel Alicea, PhD

Founding President, Pentamind Success Academy

Optimización de la Salud Mental y Física a Través de NeuroSanación

Noel Alicea se une a la Dra. Patricia Madrigal, MD, para discutir cómo el poderoso método científico de NeuroHealing optimiza la salud mental y física. El Dr. Alicea comparte los 5 elementos de su Protocolo Pentariano de Optimización Sistémica, y cómo estos permiten optimizar el comportamiento de la persona, y devolverle la vitalidad y pasión a su experiencia de vida.

Saturday, July 16th, 3pm ET

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Why Health Coaching Could Be the 

Game-Changer You Need

Bruce Cryer joins KnoWEwell’s Chief Health Officer, Tom O’Bryan, to discuss the rise of health coaching in today’s healthcare arena. Health coaching uses evidence-based information and clinical strategies to safely guide and empower clients to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle behaviors that prevent, mitigate, and even reverse chronic diseases. It can be a powerful tool because it gives people the confidence, knowledge, and skills to become active participants in their own care and achieve their self-identified health goals. 

Tuesday, July 19th, 1pm ET

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Bruce Cryer

Bruce Cryer

Executive Director, Integrative Health Institute 

at Salem University

Brenda M. Tobin-Flood,  D.Vet.Hom, Cert.C.N

Brenda M. Tobin-Flood, 

D.Vet.Hom, Cert.C.N

Founder, Wellness Matters

Treating Pets and Their People

Like humans, our pets can suffer from acute or chronic diseases. Brenda Tobin-Flood, founder of Wellness Matters, joins host Whittni Grubaugh, DIHom, CCH, AMCofH, to discuss how she creates a holistic wellness plan for animal companions and how to use natural curative treatments such as homeopathy, herbs, and essential oils to get to the root of the problem and help your pets heal.

Thursday, July 21st, 1pm ET

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Healthcare from Your Dentist's Chair: Adrenal Fatigue and the Brutality of Burnout

Dr. Jimi Wollumbin, D-TCM, joins Dr. Amy Dayries-Ling, DMD, FAIHM, AIAOMT for her monthly webcast series, Healthcare from Your Dentist’s Chair to talk about adrenal fatigue and the affect it has on your health. As a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Dr. Jimi shares both the early warning signs and the traditional techniques of the Taoist and Vedic medical traditions to rejuvenate the vitality of your adrenal reserves. 

Monday, July 25th, 1pm ET

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Dr. Jimi Wollumbin (TCM)

Dr. Jimi Wollumbin, D-TCM

Founder and CEO, One Health Organization 

FacultyAmerica Integrative Health and Medicine Association

Emily A Rydbom, CN, BCHN, CNP

Emily A Rydbom, CN, BCHN, CNP

Owner, Co-Founder, GrowBaby, LLC

Becoming and Being Mom: Understanding and Navigating Infant Food Sensitivities

The first show in our Becoming and Being Mom monthly series welcomes Emily Rydbom, co-founder of GrowBaby, LLC, to talk with KnoWEwell's Chief Health Officer, Dr. Tom O'Bryan, about understanding and addressing the relationship between a mom and her infant’s food sensitivities, and the impact on infant growth and the developing immune system.

Tuesday, July 26th, 1pm ET

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Wheat Related Disorders and Diabetes

For each one celiac patient who has digestive disorders, there are eight celiac patients whose symptoms manifest outside of the gut! Moreover, wheat related disorders effect a much larger proportion of the population. This will be a monthly online educational series exploring the link between wheat related disorders and various health conditions and how to address their root causes.

Thursday, July 28th, 8:30am ET, 6pm India

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With a KnoWEwell Pathfinder membership, you get access to KnoWEwell’s Education Center with 50+ (and growing) educational programs from today’s top thought leaders and experts. Learn how to prevent and address the root causes of chronic diseases. Create your own learning library. Keep track of the programs and watch them anytime you or your family needs help. Join today, apply code BEWELL20 and receive 20% off your Pathfinder membership (or any other membership plan). Just $8 a month gets you started on your journey to being inspired and empowered to achieve WELLthier LivingTM – Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purpose-Filled! 


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